Paddington 2 exclusive footage screening: My verdict 

I was such a huge fan of the first Paddington so I obviously jumped at the chance when I was offered the opportunity to see some clips from the sequel.

I headed down to London’s May Fair Hotel and we were entertained by a live band before Hugh Bonneville (Mr Brown) and two producers introduced the footage, warning us that Paddington may be “without fur” in a few shots as it’s still in the post-production phase.

We saw a clip of Paddington in Mr. Gruber’s (Jim Broadbent) shop, looking for a present for his auntie and he comes across a pop-up book of London and in a beautiful sequence, Paddington sees himself and his auntie in the book, marvelling at the paper tourist sights.

We saw two clips of Paddington during his time in prison, one where he messes up laundry duty and turns the uniform pink, and another where he tells the scary prison cook ‘Knuckles’ McGinty (Brendan Gleeson) what he makes of the awful food. These two were hilarious and proved that Paddington is just as adorable and charming as ever. Ben Whishaw has the perfect voice for it and Gleeson seems like an excellent addition to the cast.

We also saw footage of Hugh Grant as the Browns’ neighbour, flamboyant actor Phoenix Buchanan as he opens the local fair and as Mr. and Mrs. Brown (the always wonderful Sally Hawkins) break into his house, determined he is up to something.

I had never been to a footage screening before so I’d never seen bits where the animation isn’t quite done and it’s really distracting. You want to watch Paddington what is doing but you’re focused on him not looking quite right. It also showed how much work goes into creating him.

The clips left me reassured that the sequel will be just as good as the first, with the same sense of humour, gorgeous design and a stellar cast. Roll on November 10th!

Here are some pictures!

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