Twin Peaks season finale: I am so mad and confused right now 

I have just watched the two-part finale of the Twin Peaks revival series and my mind is reeling. What does it all mean? And HOW could David Lynch and Mark Frost do that to us?!


To be honest, it’s Lynch, I was fully aware that we wouldn’t get everything answered because that simply isn’t his style. I knew we wouldn’t get everything tied up in a neat little bow, but a satisfactory conclusion would have been nice.

We almost got one as well! You can read a proper breakdown of the episodes here, but the first 30-40 minutes were exactly what I was hoping for – everyone reunited in Twin Peaks, a showdown between the Coopers, the destruction of BOB, answers about Diane and Lucy getting the top duty of killing evil Cooper. Hell yeah! I didn’t see that coming and I appreciated the surprise a lot, although it would have been great to see both Coopers face off against each other.

From there on things become problematic: Dale goes back to the night Laura Palmer was murdered and seems to stop it happening and her body no longer appears on the riverside like it did in the pilot. While this was bewildering, I would have been happy to take this as the ending.

However, we still had a full episode to go and in that one, Dale and Diane have sex and he wakes up in a different motel, in a different city, with a different car. So far, so WTF. Then he goes to visit a waitress named Carrie, who he believes to be Laura Palmer. He takes her to Twin Peaks and although she says she doesn’t recognise her parents’ old home, she screams after hearing her mother’s voice, just after Dale asks what year it is.

When it cut to black, I was like ‘oh no, that can’t be it’. I actually played it back again just to be sure. You can’t leave us with a cliffhanger like that! What does it even mean?

Lynch isn’t one for a logical narrative or to explain himself so we’ll probably never know, and I’m reeling! We got so close to resolutions and then he turns it all on its head. Such a head fuck – I don’t know what to make of it at all. At least you knew what the cliffhanger in the original series meant! Suggestions on a postcard please.

I shall be reflecting on the full series tomorrow.


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