American Made: Film Review

Tom Cruise is best known for his serious action movies and tentpole blockbusters so it was really nice to see him revisiting his lighter side with American Made.

He plays the real-life Barry Seal, a pilot who is discovered to be smuggling Cuban cigars into the US by the CIA so they recruit him to take aerial photos of Communists in Central America. He makes friends with the Medellin cartel and smuggles cocaine back into the US for them, but then he also ends up transporting guns from the U.S. to Central America for the CIA. He manages to build up quite the business and has so much money, he literally doesn’t know where to put it and it inevitably all comes crashing down.

Like I said earlier, it was great to see Cruise in a light-hearted role like this. Barry is charming and funny and a real departure from what we’ve seen Cruise do of late. It was so refreshing to see him playing somebody so different and against his usual type.

I LOVE Domhnall Gleeson and I was so excited to see him back on my screen. He also played a bit of douche, a CIA agent who gets Barry to do their dirty work and turns on him when the shit hits the fan. I would have liked more of him. Sarah Wright Olsen was hilarious as Barry’s wife Lucy and Caleb Landry Jones is always typecast as the fuck-up – but he does it so well!

I loved the tone of this and how it made the story fun and enjoyable when it could have been super dark and dramatic. I’m glad they went this route because it mirrors how ridiculous the true story is – Barry got away with so much with the Government’s help. They acknowledge how crazy the whole thing is throughout with Cruise’s hilarious voiceovers and piece to cameras. The tone is achieved through the ace script, zany animations to give context and ’70s style graphics. All this makes the serious stuff more powerful and shocking.

The film feels longer than its two hours running time and could have done with a little chop, and the political side of stuff went totally over my head, but this is one fascinating story told in a super entertaining way.

In cinemas Friday 25th August 

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