Top moments from V Festival 2017 

This weekend, I was at V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex and it was awesome. If you weren’t there, don’t worry, you can catch up with what went down thanks to my handy highlights piece below!

Here are the highlights from the festival:


Obviously, she KILLED it. I have wanted to see Pink for years so I was very excited for her set. She sounded amazing, I was so impressed, and she blew my mind by jumping from a crane (yes, a regular height construction crane!) onto the stage to open the show. How?! I’m still trying to figure out how she didn’t die and how she even got security clearance for it in the first place. She performed hits like Get the Party Started, Just Like a Pill and Don’t Let Me Get Me before ending on my personal favourite Raise Your Glass. I danced so hard to it, like no-one was watching, and I can’t tell you how happy I felt in that moment. Thank you Pink!!!

Dizzee Rascal 

Dizzee’s set got off to a slow start as he played songs we didn’t really know but things picked up from Fix Up, Look Sharp onwards. He treated us to bangers like Dance Wiv Me, Holiday and of course, Bonkers. It may have been cold and getting a bit chilly but everyone was singing and dancing around to it. I cannot even describe how nuts the crowd went on the drop for Bonkers.


Sean Paul 

I have been a fan of his for years so I was excited. The best thing about his set is that he just does bits of his songs so it’s almost like one giant medley. He did the classic bangers like Get Busy, Gimme the Light and Temperature plus tastes of his many, many, MANY features. He also brought Anne-Marie out for a full rendition of Rockabye, their hit with Clean Bandit.

Jason Derulo 

I LOVE all of Jason’s songs and he is responsible for many tuuuunes. I particularly loved Ridin’ Solo, Talk Dirty and Want To Want Me. I just wished he didn’t do so much unnecessary warbling. ‘Talk Dirty to meeee-eeee-eee’ got a bit old. You can sing, we get it Jason. I kept laughing at his female dancers and how sexual their moves were – they basically shagged the floor several times.


I only know a few of her songs but I like them and wanted to see what else she had to offer. She performed hits like Alarm, Rockabye and Ciao Adios and plenty of new stuff that I enjoyed. The best thing about her set though was her personality – she talks so straight, no shit, saying she wrote one sad song about someone who “mugged her off”, for example. She cracked me up.



Seeing Busted after years of loving their songs was like dream. I was smiling like a thing possessed! I was disappointed in myself for not remembering all the lyrics (how could I?!) but that was definitely not an issue for their final song Year 3000 which was NUTS.


I don’t know much about Stormzy or his music (sorry, don’t kill me) so I turned up late for his set and got there just as he brought out Lethal Bizzle for a cover of Fester Skank! I love that song! It’s so weird cos Little Mix brought him out for that last year, so I’ve seen Fester Skank performed live twice even though I haven’t been to a Bizzle show.

Jay Z

Yeah, it’s Jay Z, he’s huge, but he’s lower down on my list because his music just isn’t for me and he played a lot of stuff I didn’t know in the beginning so I left early. I had work the next day, needed to catch the last tube and it was cold and wet, in my defence. I had seen him before in 2010 so I had heard all the hits then – all I wanted to hear was Paris, and I got that. I fully had a dance around on my own to it.



The Vamps 

I don’t know much about The Vamps besides Can We Dance and All Night and how hot guitarist James is, but I was won over by the personality of the frontman Bradley. He had a confident and cheeky persona going on, talked a lot, danced a lot and interacted with the onstage camera many times. He also jumped off the stage into the crowd and had to climb on a security guard’s knee to get back up!

James Arthur 

I’m not a huge James Arthur fan but I went to his set and was pleasantly surprised by his choice of cover – Thong Song by Sisqo. What a tuuune! Sung every word, obviously.

Other song highlights: Sigma – Changing, Jonas Blue – Perfect Strangers, Craig David – Fill Me In, Disciples – On My Mind, and Krept and Konan – Freak of the Week.

What were your favourites?


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