LoveFilm is closing down and I’m gutted 

Today LoveFilm announced they would be closing their DVD rental by post service on 31st October and as a customer of many years, I’m gutted.

When I received the email today, I was not surprised but I’m still disappointed that streaming has become so popular it isn’t worth the service running anymore. This is basically how I felt when my local video shop closed – and I still feel sad when I walk past it now.

I can’t remember exactly when I joined as my rental history only goes back to when it was bought by Amazon in 2011, so it was at least six years. Six years during which I excitedly read my ‘your next disc’ email to find out what I was watching next, received some post (that wasn’t a bill!) and got my film education.

Some of the titles I’ve rented through LoveFilm

Obviously not everything on this list is a classic but most ‘greats’ I have seen thanks to LoveFilm. I would read Top Films lists or not get a pop culture reference and add the gaping holes in my knowledge to my rental list.

There are currently 43 titles in my rental wish list and as I only get two a month, I’m only going to get a maximum of five more before it shuts. Waaaah! So many on my wish list will be left unseen.

Yes, I could watch these via streaming services. Regardless of the fact that DVDs are more reliable and better quality, I simply don’t get round to streaming films (I’m better with TV). I’ve been wanting to watch To the Bone and The Circle on Netflix for months but they are still unwatched, while my last LoveFilm has been consumed in that time. I will always prioritise physical DVDs over streaming because the disc being there is a constant reminder it needs watching and because it’s easier to pop in a DVD than try to find the film you want to stream online – then find a good stream, wait for it to buffer etc.

So I’ve said my piece. I know it won’t change anything but I want it to be known that LoveFilm was awesome and convenient and their library was diverse so I’m annoyed at the popularity of streaming for causing the closure to happen.

Since tweeting about this earlier, I have learned of another service which operates in the same way. It is slightly more expensive for me because it’s minimum package is four a month (I used to have two) but I’m really considering giving it a go as I want to continue my film education and I know that won’t happen on streaming sites.


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