My favourite kick-ass screen heroines

Atomic Blonde comes out today and I bloody loved it (read review here) and mostly because Charlize Theron portrays such a badass heroine who just wipes the floor with everyone she comes up against. She is basically awesome.

To celebrate the release, I have created a list of my favourite kick-ass heroines in film. Some will be the traditional, often-cited ones, but I also have a few nostalgic ones that are probably not as cool.

Ellen Ripley 

I had to kick off with a classic. Sigourney Weaver took no shit in the Alien movies – she came up with the plans, was fearless and was physically capable. When she says, “Get away from her you bitch” in Aliens, I was basically like “hell yeah!” It was fantastic.


Yes, I mean Milla Jovovich‘s character in the Resident Evil franchise. Say what you want about the films themselves but I thought Alice was awesome. I have seen the original multiple times, I have it on DVD and I love it. She goes into the Hive with a whole swarm of people and is the only one that makes it out alive because she is freaking BADASS.


Katniss Everdeen 

But only in the first two Hunger Games because she becomes a bit of a sniveling, annoying person in the Mockingjay instalments. Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is resourceful, she knows how to hunt and keep herself alive in the arenas and she isn’t afraid to get lethal if necessary.

Sarah Connor 

Of course, I mean Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, specifically the scene when she escapes from hospital. That is frankly one of the most memorable scenes from the film – I watched it ages ago and I can picture it pretty vividly. When we see her, she is doing pulls up in her cell (which we usually see men doing) and then breaks out and basically just takes out everyone in her way like a boss. Also, her arm muscles in that white tank top were glorious.



Chloe Grace Moretz was insane as the purple-haired wannabe superhero in Kick-Ass and definitely my favourite character. She felt different because she was just a young girl but she was basically a grown-up – she swore, she was fearless and killed people will no mercy. Her stunt choreography was sweeet.

Imperator Furiosa 

Charlize Theron proves she is the action queen yet again with her scene-stealing turn in Mad Max: Fury Road. You don’t really care about Tom Hardy‘s Max, it is ALL about one-armed Furiosa who, again, takes no shit.

Charlie’s Angels 

There will probably be some disagreement on this but this is probably one of the first female-led action films I ever saw and I liked that it starred three beautiful, skillful women (Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore) who worked as a team. They also weren’t as cold as the other heroines, they had fun with their work but they still got it done, kicked ass and took names, and were super smart (perhaps not Dylan). I personally love this one AND Full Throttle.

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