Atomic Blonde: Film Review

I had been excited for Atomic Blonde for a while cos I love a spy movie and films about kick ass women. This had both and I was not disappointed.

Charlize Theron is Lorraine, an MI6 agent sent to Berlin around the fall of the Wall to find a list exposing information about undercover agents after her lover is killed and it is stolen and shopped around. She must work with David Percival (James McAvoy), MI6’s man in Berlin, and track it down and find out the identity of Satchel, a double agent.

To be honest, the convoluted plot can be hard to follow at times so it’s handy that it comes secondary here. It is all about the stunt set pieces, impressive fight choreography and the epic 80s soundtrack, which was bloody brilliant. It is very stylish, with some excellent graffiti style writing onscreen for locations and emphasis on Lorraine’s outfits and many brooding, smoking shots. The plot has a lot of twists and turns and although it felt quite generic in the beginning, I enjoyed the ‘who is Satchel?’ mystery as I kept flip-flopping between who it was and although the revelation wasn’t hugely surprising, the pay-off was still awesome.

Theron is physically fantastic and kicks so much ass. You want to cheer for her sometimes when she takes certain people out. Her British accent is pretty good though it does slip on occasion, McAvoy plays the same bad boy character we’ve seen him do before (but he does it so well!) and Sofia Boutella was so sweet as the vulnerable French agent caught up in it all.

I wasn’t convinced about the film straight away – it takes a while to hit its stride and a lot of awesome fight moves in the trailer come quite early on. But it just gets better and better as it goes and one extended action set piece in a stairwell and then an apartment is bloody brilliant. I want to watch that sequence again. It made me exhausted just watching and I had such an appreciation for the choreography in it.

It goes on a bit long and gets off to an unconvincing start and it could have done with less brooding smoking shots but I loved it. The setting, the soundtrack and the stunts were just so epic.

In cinemas Wednesday 9th August 


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