Maudie: Film Review

You know when you need a movie that just lifts your spirits and puts a smile on your face? Well Maudie is just that. It is an absolutely wonderful film that brought a tear to my eye.

Sally Hawkins plays the real-life disabled painter Maud, who is considered a burden on her brother Charles while her Aunt Ida believes she will never be able to look after herself. She proves them wrong when she gets a job as a live-in housemaid to Everett (Ethan Hawke), a grumpy loner who lives in the middle of nowhere. He is gruff and cold and initially refuses to hire “a cripple” but she doesn’t give up and she eventually wears him down and they learn to live with each other and even love each other.

Hawkins is sensational as Maud, giving a convincing performance of someone whose disability gets worse over time and her Canadian accent sounded flawless to me. This isn’t some harrowing tale about a disabled person overcoming adversity, it is a biographical romance film with a character who just happens to have rheumatic arthritis. Maud is the most positive and upbeat person in the movie and will be the first to crack a joke of the mood gets too low. She is uplifting and absolutely adorable and her disability isn’t the forefront of her character at all, which is a refreshing change.

Hawke also puts in one of his best performances yet as Everett, who struggles to let her in but then struggles to control his emotions once she’s there. Their blossoming relationship is a joy to watch as it’s hard fought and small steps finally lead towards something wonderful. At first, he wouldn’t let her do anything and would force her to abide by his rules but by the end he is supporting her painting career.

The film covers a long period so there is a lot to cover so it did feel a bit long and could have done with being 10 minutes shorter. This is massively uplifting and heartwarming with two fantastic performances. Go see!

In cinemas Friday 4th August 


  1. […] like the adorable Hawkins as a wannabe detective. Hawkins is a roll at the moment, what with Maudie and The Shape of Water. It is the new additions to the cast that really elevate it – Gleeson […]


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