Top Films for August 2017 

I know it say this every month but HOW is it August already?! The year is just zipping by! While I sit here and have an existential crisis why not check out the best films to watch this August.

Here are my recommendations:

Atomic Blonde 

So excited to see Charlize Theron kick ass once again – she does it so well! This time she plays an undercover MI6 agent in Berlin during the fall of the wall. It looks hardcore and totally awesome. Yes please! Released: 9th August

A Ghost Story 

I have heard so many amazing things about A Ghost Story but I still haven’t managed to see it yet so will definitely be checking out at the cinema. Rooney Mara plays a grieving woman dealing with the loss of her husband (Casey Affleck), who returns home as a ghost. Released: 11th August


American Made

I know this is Tom Cruise‘s movie but I’m mostly excited about the onscreen comeback of Domhnall Gleeson who has been gone for too long. Anyway, in this action thriller, Cruise plays Barry Seal who becomes a drug smuggler while working on a covert CIA mission. This is a real life story and I’m interested to see what goes down. Released: 25th August

Rough Night 

This has been panned by critics in the US and its release has been pushed back but I still really want to see this. The cast is awesome – Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon (love!), Zoe Kravitz, Jillian Bell and Ilana Glazer – so I’m still holding onto the hope that I’ll like it. They play a bunch of friends on a hen night that goes horribly wrong when their stripper dies. Released: 25th August


Logan Lucky 

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver. That is literally all I needed to know about the heist movie to be sold on it and that was before we saw Daniel Craig‘s astounding physical and vocal transformation in the trailer. Tatum and Driver are brothers who hire a criminal to help them steal money from a speedway race. This looks hilarious. Released: 25th August



I was torn between this and The Dark Tower for my sixth recommendation and went with this because I’m really not sure about The Dark Tower and this is a really important powerful story. It tells the real-life story about how the black occupants of a motel in Detroit were treated by white police officers during the riots of 1967. It is tough and heavy going and will leave you angry as hell. Stars John Boyega and Will Poulter. Released: 25th August

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