47 Metres Down: Film Review

I didn’t really think 47 Metres Down was needed/wanted so soon after the awesome woman-versus-shark movie The Shallows and while it is quite different to that and has a fantastic premise, it doesn’t really offer much to the shark attack/’stranded in the ocean’ genre.

Lisa (Mandy Moore) has gone on holiday with her sister Kate (Claire Holt) to help her deal with a recent break-up. Lisa feels she has became boring and so she agrees when Kate asks her to go in a shark cage after they meet two hot locals who have done it many times. They head out into the water the following day and the cables snap while they are in the cage, trapping them as they plummet 47 metres down to the ocean bed.

I had no idea how the movie was going to last as long as it did because the fall happens pretty early on and there’s only so much you can do in that scenario but they conjured up plenty of ways to keep the tense high, keep the momentum and the claustrophobia of the situation going and constantly remind us that their air was running out and they would die pretty soon. The sharks aren’t relied upon for thrills every single time, thankfully.

Considering how short the film is, they could have easily given the characters a bit more depth so we cared about them more. We got little bits, like Lisa trying to be wild when she’s really not and feeling jealous of her younger sister, but those tidbits weren’t enough to make me care massively if they lived or died. Lisa actually got really annoying once they were trapped because she kept breathing heavily and repeating how they were going to run out of air. She basically lets her sister do all the heavy lifting in the beginning!

It was pretty formulaic and standard until the ending, which put a whole new spin on things. I don’t want to give it away but it is very ambiguous and I didn’t really like it – you guys should know how I feel about ambiguous endings by now! I would have liked something cut and dry, so you know exactly what happened and the fates of the characters we’ve been following. Weirdly, the ending that’s been written on Wikipedia is different to what I saw – so it seems Americans got a clear cut ending.

It is tense and there are enough jumps and thrills to keep up interest but I was never truly invested in their story and felt a really ‘meh’ response to how it unfolded. It is quite forgettable but is decent enough to warrant an evening Netflix watch. If you want a really good shark movie I’d recommend The Shallows or the classic Jaws instead.

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