Girls Trip: Film Review

I didn’t know what to expect from Girls Trip as ‘girls on wild nights out’ movies can be very hit and miss, and while this isn’t perfect, it is an absolute riot and I enjoyed it so much.

Sasha (Queen Latifah), Dina (Tiffany Haddish), Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Ryan (Regina Hall) make up the Flossy Posse, a group of university friends who are still besties as adults. However, life has got in the way and they haven’t seen each other in years so Ryan, a celebrity self-help guru, invites them all to the Essence Festival in New Orleans where she will be speaking – and a wild weekend ensues.

This is far crazier, raunchier and more raucous than I was expecting. So many times I laughed out loud in a ‘I can’t believe they did that’ type way. It is WILD. There is nudity, TMI sex chat and set pieces I have never seen in a female-led comedy. Highlights include an ill-fated zip wire across Bourbon Street and when they hallucinate on absinthe. I laughed hard and often.

The dialogue is extremely funny and there are a lot of jokes/gags in this and not all of them worked but the majority did. Some felt like they were trying a bit too hard for laughs and some set pieces felt too ridiculous. Haddish is the main comedy player and gives her all in every scene – she has so much personality and energy – but her character spouts so much crap, it does tire a bit and becomes less effective. It also loses momentum and edge when the girls inevitably fight but that’s because it’s got more serious and there are genuine stakes.

There are a few weak points in the narrative but the leads carry the material so deftly that some may not notice. Haddish, who I had never seen before, is the scene stealer every time. Ryan is the perfect have-it-all type, although she doesn’t really while Lisa has become a boring mother – which is a new persona for Smith to play – so when she lets loose, it’s great fun. Sasha and Ryan have some friction as her gossip blogger job is a direct conflict of interest in their friendship so they both carry the emotional weight. Latifah also has THE best moment in the whole movie and had me howling with laughter.

This is very, very funny in a laugh-out-loud way. It is sassy, it is ballsy and such good cheeky fun. Highly recommend.

In cinemas now


  1. […] easily came out on top though. She established herself as the one to watch with Girls Trip last year and she continues to do so here, giving more energy, enthusiasm and sass than anybody […]


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