War for the Planet of the Apes: Film Review

Due to a cold, jetlag and just generally feeling naff, I didn’t manage to see War for the Planet of the Apes until yesterday but I’m glad I got around to it because it was as awesome as the other two instalments (which were excellent) and shows all other blockbusters how it’s done.

Andy Serkis dons the motion capture suit once again to play Caesar, leader of the Apes, who has offered humans peace if they leave the apes alone in the woods. However, the Colonel (Woody Harrelson) and his soldiers don’t want to do that and they raid the apes’ lair and kill Caesar’s son and wife. Full of hatred, Caesar sets the group off in the direction of a new home in the desert while he goes to exact revenge on the Colonel along with Rocket, Maurice and Luca – but this plan hits a snag when he gets caught and locked up at their border facility.

I cannot overstate how visually impressive this is. You actually forget that what you’re watching is computer-generated because it is so well done. The apes have more screen time than ever in this one so it is a huge undertaking but they all look realistic and there is no weak, distracting moment. Don’t even get me started on the gorgeous landscapes- I could gush about them for ages.

I sympathise more with the apes as they are so emotional and more compassionate than the humans. They brought me to tears on a few occasions! Serkis’ acting is stunning and definitely needs more praise and recognition. Caesar is so smart and perceptive that he is almost human and he looked so weathered and defeated by the end. I just felt for him so much – definitely more than the humans, but that is also probably because the only fleshed-out human is a total sociopath.

So people had complained that it went on a bit too long but I loved every single minute and didn’t feel like it needed any chopping. Everything that went down in the border facility felt important and necessary and I was engrossed and on edge during every bit of it. The actual ending definitely made me cry!

That being said, Dawn, the second movie, is definitely my favourite because I just enjoyed what happened more and this is tonally very dark and bleak and more dialogue-heavy. It is still an impressive end of the trilogy and shows that third movies can still be high-quality.

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