Pretty Little Liars should have ended after the Charlotte reveal

Can you tell I’m still not over the Pretty Little Liars finale yet?! It’s been two weeks and I still haven’t been able to stop talking, thinking or reading about it and I’m 100% convinced it should have stopped after Charlotte was revealed as A.

Today I came across this interview Troian Bellisario did with Vulture after it was revealed she was A.D., in the form of her character Spencer’s evil twin Alex. When asked about how divisive the finale was, she said:

“With Charlotte and Charles, you could like it or not like it (the reveal), but you knew the show was continuing. I think it was really tough for people to swallow because they knew this was the last episode ever, so if they didn’t get everything they wanted out of that story, they’re going to be upset. I totally understand that. But the thing I want to say to those people is: I think the show was supposed to end in year six with Charlotte revealed as “A.” When we decided to continue working on it and decided to create a new character, it’s a genesis story. It’s going to be a genesis story because somebody had to pick up the lead from Charlotte.”

Her words basically hit the nail on the head. Charlotte was supposed to be the big bad as Marlene King had only planned for five/six seasons but when the network asked them to continue (of course they would, it is hugely popular) they had to conjure up someone else, which is why we were given someone completely new for AD.

Yes, the Charlotte shocker was problematic for some too because of the whole transgender thing but it was more satisfying (as I said before) as it made sense and was a character we already knew, CeCe Drake. She was a recurring character on the show. Equally, Mona, Toby and Ezra being revealed as A (although the latter two were fakes booo) had impact because they were well-known to the audience. Alex was not and I truly think the fans would have been happier with the Charlotte ending than the Alex one.

I also liked where the season six mid-season finale ended – with the girls free from A for good and finally parting ways to go to college and pursue their careers as they didn’t have to stick around in Rosewood anymore. It felt like a genuinely brilliant and satisfying happy ending for them all, rather than the one we actually ended with, which was focused on marriages, babies and love lives, like they’ve got nothing else going on.

Also, I just think the storytelling got a bit sloppy after the time jump and I lost interest, which is probably how I completely missed all the hints about Alex. I absolutely hated the Emily and Alison egg storyline as it was so ridiculous and soap opera-like and I didn’t buy their relationship at all and there were many plots that took up too much time, like Ezra’s ex fiancée being alive. It seemed obvious to me they were just padding out the episodes with filler and batshit crazy plots (the whole Archer Dunhill/Elliott Rollins for one) until we finally got the goods. There were obviously some good moments – usually involving the queen that is Mona – but I was mostly sticking with it cause I had invested time and wanted to see it through to its conclusion, which was a massive disappointment.

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