I’m disappointed with the Pretty Little Liars finale 


Last night was the moment we had been waiting for: the end of Pretty Little Liars and the AD reveal. A few days ago, I predicted that Caleb was AD but now we know I was wrong and I can’t tell you how let down I feel that they stuck with the evil twin theory and made AD someone we had never met before.

I really wanted it to be someone we have known throughout and have cared about so we would be shocked, left reeling and have to completely re-evaluate how we viewed that person. Caleb or Ezra would have been perfect. But instead they decided to remain somewhat loyal to the books and stuck with the evil twin twist (though it was Ali’s in the book).

When it was revealed that Spencer had an evil twin Alex Drake, I was surprised but that was quickly followed by a deflated feeling that it was not the AD reveal I wanted. What made it worse was that Troian Bellisario cannot do a British accent and it was super distracting. It was like she had modelled the accent on Adele but ended up more like Dick Van Dyke. I was too busy listening to how she was speaking rather than paying attention to what she was actually saying so she didn’t come across as twisted as she could have because I could NOT take her seriously.

As it was revealed so early on, I was just waiting for someone else to be involved. Ok, Mona was, but that was easily explained and I still think Mona is good. I liked the back story with Wren and Charlotte and I was pretty shocked when he shot Alex to mirror Spencer’s injury and when she revealed she had killed him. Even in those little ending scenes, I thought an extra AD would be revealed but it was just Mona keeping Mary and Alex in a dollhouse (WTF?! How did they get out of jail?) and those younger girls basically repeating the opening of PLL, which was super unnecessary. Are they planning to do the whole thing again?!!

So yeah, I’m glad the girls got their happy endings (but why do they mostly involve kids?!) but the AD reveal was truly underwhelming. At the very end I was like ‘is that it?’ when I wanted to be staring at the TV with my mouth dropped open as the credits rolled cos I was still processing the shocking information. That didn’t happen.


  1. Girl Enters says:

    Saaaaame so disappointed



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