Baby Driver: Film Review

I am a huge fan of Edgar Wright‘s films but I wasn’t initially convinced about Baby Driver, I just wasn’t feeling the trailer, but I was very wrong and the movie is probably one of the few I’ve enjoyed unequivocally this year.

Ansel Elgort plays Baby, who acts as a getaway driver for bank robberies masterminded by (Kevin Spacey) because he owes him a debt. Once that’s paid up, Baby thinks he can leave and live a normal life, looking after his deaf foster parent and getting to know waitress Debora (Lily James), but he’s wrong. When Spacey sets up another job with Bats (Jamie Foxx), Buddy (Jon Hamm) and his wife Darling (Eiza Gonzalez), he expects Baby to join, or there will be serious consequences.

We’ve all seen bank robbery/getaway driver and “one last job” type movies before but this is so distinctive in style that you can’t even compare it to others. It feels so fresh and original. It is light-hearted, which you can immediately tell from Baby dramatically lip syncing to music while the opening bank robbery goes down, and it never really takes itself too seriously. It is soundtracked by music all the way through as Baby always has headphones in to combat his tinnitus and it’s pretty much all choreographed, which is glorious to watch, though not all movements are as obvious as an extended take of a coffee run (that I loved).

Elgort was best known for his work in young adult movies before so this will showcase his talents to a new audience. He is fun, vibrant, nails the choreographed moments with ease and always has a cheeky attitude about him. Foxx hasn’t been in a decent role for ages it seems and he is so good at playing the crazy Bats, who commands the screen, Spacey is just awesome always, and it is nice to see Hamm playing some rough criminal rather his usual clean and slick characters. Gonzalez plays a total bad-ass who can hold her own with the boys, but Debora doesn’t have much to do and James was fine but didn’t really put her stamp on it.

If you came for the action, Baby Driver has that in spades, with epic car chases, gunfights, fistfights and my favourite, Baby trying to escape police on foot, which was thrilling and so exciting to watch. It is more bloody and ruthless than I expected, given the humour, but I always love when a movie has the balls to kill off top tier castmembers.

I have nothing bad to say about Baby Driver. The script is witty, filled with laugh-out-loud moments and defies genres, ticking boxes for action, comedy, romance, etc etc. All those, combined with the stellar performances, make for a seriously entertaining and original watch. It feels like ages since I watched a film that I loved so much. I want to see it again.

In cinemas Wednesday 28th June 


Pics from the Baby Driver European Premiere 


  1. Great review, I also loved the movie and can’t wait to see it again.


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