Transformers: The Last Knight – Film Review

I’m of the belief that they should have called time on the Transformers franchise years ago and I never felt particularly excited about The Last Knight upon seeing the trailer but I’ve seen all the others and it was only right I saw this. It is exactly what you would expect, no more no less, so I imagine franchise fans will be satisfied.

Mark Wahlberg returns as Cade Yeager, who is now a fugitive from the law because he is harbouring Transformers, which are now illegal and tracked by the TRF. Transformers keep falling to Earth and it turns out it’s because they are searching for a staff that had been given to the humans during The Dark Ages. If they get it, their planet Cybertron will be restored and Earth will be destroyed, but they can be stopped by Cade, who has a medallion used to locate the staff, and professor Vivian (Laura Haddock), who is the only one who can control it.

That is a very basic and simplistic overview but there is so much more going on – far too much. It is overstuffed with side plots, especially in the beginning, and becomes quite confusing. It is hard to make sense of what is happening and keep track of the characters as there are way too many, of both humans and Transformers, and a lot of the aliens look the same.

It takes way too long to get going with the overarching plot and spends a lot of time introducing Izabella (Isabela Moner) who is actually quite an irrelevant character. She’s cute and serves as a daughter-surrogate for Cade but she doesn’t affect the plot much at all, same goes for Jerrod Carmichael, who is basically the comedic sidekick. It becomes much more enjoyable when Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) brings Cade and Vivian together and their mission begins in earnest.

Transformers movies are action and CGI heavy and this is no exception. There are lot of action sequences throughout that feel quite unnecessary by the time you get to the end, because by that point, you can’t take anymore totally CG battles. I couldn’t concentrate during the final battle and I think I reached saturation point. The movie was too long and could have done with chopping some of the earlier scenes so we had the energy for later on.

I didn’t hate it and there are moments I liked a lot. Hopkins was delightful, as was Haddock, who has deserved a bigger role like this for ages, and Wahlberg (and his abs) for being just a likeable guy. I’m glad Josh Duhamel returned but I didn’t follow most of his storyline as it was filled with army tactics talk that is always said too quickly. I personally enjoyed Cogman (Jim Carter), Hopkins’ C-3PO style butler but people didn’t seem to laugh as much as me. That goes for most of movie as well, I laughed far more than anybody else.

As to be expected, Transformers sacrifices a good script and a comprehensible story for epic action sequences and a big old CGI fest. If that’s why you love these movies, you won’t be disappointed. If that’s why you dislike them, stay away because this one won’t change your mind.

In cinemas Thursday 22nd June


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