Twin Peaks is finally getting somewhere! Best episode so far

I have been patient with the Twin Peaks revival. Yes, there have been some great moments in the first six episodes but they have been slow and weird and, in the case of the last two, not much really happened. I started to lose interest and that feeling of excitement before watching an episode but that changed with this week’s, which was fantastic.

My patience finally paid off with episode 7 which was seriously satisfying because we got some information, saw some more returning characters and finally made some progress with multiple storylines. We’re finally moving somewhere woohoo!

Here are my highlights:

– We finally learned a little bit about what happened to Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) after the bank explosion

– We learned what happened to Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) immediately after the Lodge thanks to a great Skype return with Doc Hayward (the late Warren Frost)

– We discovered that the headless body belongs to Major Briggs (Don Davis) but it has somehow stopped ageing

Laura Dern killing it as Diane. It’s a shame it was rumoured she was playing the never-before-seen Diane because her reveal last week wasn’t so impactful. However she was fabulous (just like she was in Big Little Lies) and her chat with Evil Cooper throws up more questions. What happened during their last meeting? Now both Diane, Albert (Miguel Ferrer) and Gordon (David Lynch) knows that’s not their Coop, we’re gonna be getting somewhere.

– Hawk (Michael Horse) finding three of the four missing pages of Laura’s (Sheryl Lee‘s) diary in which she confessed to having a dream where Annie (Heather Graham) told her good Cooper was trapped inside the Lodge (we saw this in Fire Walk With Me). Hopefully people will start piecing together what happened to him!

– Evil Cooper managing to escape. I don’t like the character but you can see things are getting lined up for a showdown!

– Dougie pulling out his old Cooper agent moves when a shooter comes on the scene trying to assassinate him. Is good Cooper making a comeback? (Please! Enough of Dougie already!)

– It was nice to see more of Ben Horne (Richard Breymer) after a short appearance in previous episodes. I liked how he reminisced about Coop after receiving his room key. Wonder what the hum is all about and what Ashley Judd‘s Beverly is up to.

All these elements have definitely made this the best episode of the revival so far. What did you think?

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