Katy Perry needs to stop talking about the Taylor Swift feud now

I love a juicy celebrity feud as much as anybody and the Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry one was the perfect example of the tabloid fodder I love. That changed this weekend when Katy spoke about it AGAIN. She cannot stop talking about it and that has made it less exciting and I am over it.

The feud has been going since 2014 and what was great about it was that everyone knew Taylor wrote Bad Blood about Katy (they fell out over backing dancers) but they never confirmed it or directly addressed it – until last month when Katy began her album promo.

When she first opened up about it during Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, I was loving it, so ready for her to confirm what we already knew and to give her side of story. It was juicy and I was totally there for it. But then she didn’t stop talking after that. She spoke to NME, SiriusXM, Arianna Huffington and Today within the space of 2-3 weeks.

Just STOP. She delivered her side on Corden and again on SiriusXM, accused Taylor of character assassination to NME, declared she loved and forgave Taylor and was sorry for what she did to Huffington and then she didn’t really have anything new to add to Today – not even taking the bait when they asked her about Swift putting her music back on Spotify the same day as her album release. Perhaps she’s realised she’s exhausted her angles. There is nothing more to say so she should stop talking about it, especially now her album is out.

So then on Monday she went one step further by changing the lyrics to Swish Swish during a concert – so she could get some Taylor-related headlines without actually talking about it. STOP IT, YOU’RE BORING. It is also obvious and attention-seeking and is starting to look badly on Katy – sure, you wanted your version of events out there, you’ve done that, no need to keep going on.

The only time my interest will be reignited in the feud will be when Taylor speaks on it, which she absolutely will do, 100%, without a doubt, during the promo for her next album. I’ll be interested in what she has to say and if they will bury the hatchet. I’m kinda hoping they will cos I’m fed up of it and I don’t care about anything Katy has to say about it anymore. STOP IT KATY, it’s making you look bad now.

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