Gifted: Film Review

I love Chris Evans as Captain America but the role hasn’t left him time to do much else so it’s great to finally see him do something completely different, even if he does get upstaged by his young co-star Mckenna Grace.

He plays Frank Adler, an uncle who has become the unofficial guardian for his sister’s niece Mary (Grace) following her death. Mary has inherited her mother’s incredible mathematical abilities but she’s in a regular school where her teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) struggles to give her challenging work. Then Mary’s grandmother (Lindsay Duncan) steps onto the scene and launches a custody battle, claiming she is the best person to raise Mary and help her reach her potential.

The star of the show is Grace, who absolutely shines. She looks adorable, she can be a stroppy little know -it-all one minute and breaking down in tears the next (you may want tissues for those parts!) She holds her own against all the well-known actors and steals every scene. Evans is still great as the put-upon uncle who wants to do the right thing and isn’t sure what it is, and Octavia Spencer has a lovely supporting part as his no-nonsense neighbour.

There have been a lot of gifted person movies like Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind etc but this feels fresh given the custody angle and that the kid is so young and Grace’s performance sets it apart. With films of this nature, it is very easy to guess what the outcome will be but I still loved the journey and the twists and turns it took to get there. It does get rather sentimental and sweet but I don’t mind a bit of that and I left feeling really uplifted.

In cinemas Friday 16th June 

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