There needs to be more Mona in Pretty Little Liars

In this week’s Pretty Little Liars, Mona (Janel Parrish) was FINALLY given more screen time and a juicy twist and I was so freaking happy because I’ve been wanting that girl to be in it more for ages.

Since the time jump, Mona has only popped up in a handful of scenes whether it is to help Hanna (Ashley Benson) with her fashion career or to figure out the game board and every time she’s onscreen, I love it. Mona is witty, smarter than everyone, always ahead of everyone else and always so sassy. Parrish’s attitude and delivery is fantastic and makes Mona’s burns even more enjoyable, which is why I always want to see more.

Another great thing about Mona is that you never know if you can trust her as she was the original A and always seems to have more intel than the others. But she could also just be trying to be their friend – she loves her old bestie Hanna, was in the Dollhouse just like they were and is also involved in Rollins’ death so it makes sense for her to help. The ending this week definitely makes us question which side she’s on but I want to believe she’s good and that she is on a mission to take down A once and for all.

I want her to be included in the gang like she was shortly after the Dollhouse. I hate that she’s been cast aside and has to prove herself and fight her way back in when they’ve all done bad stuff too. She has earned her place with them. And not gonna lie, the others have been getting so annoying – especially Aria and Emily/Alison – they need Mona to mix it up! So I really hope from this week onwards we will be seeing more Mona.

PS. I also want to give a shout out to her singing in Aria’s dream sequence this week. Weird but bloody fantastic!


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