Wonder Woman: Film Review

I was never excited for Wonder Woman because I was fed up of superhero movies and unimpressed with the previous DC offerings. My anticipation did start to build following the release of glowing reviews and I must admit it lived up to expectation and is definitely my favourite instalment in the DC Universe so far.

Gal Gadot plays Diana, a warrior who lives on a hidden island with Amazonian women who are training to defeat Ares, the God of War, if he should ever return. One day American pilot Steve (Chris Pine) crash lands off the shore of the island and she learns about the World War. She leaves with Steve in a bid put an end to it by killing Ludendorff (Danny Huston), who is releasing chemical weapons, as she believes he is Ares.

There are so many things I loved about Wonder Woman, most importantly the casting. Gadot is the perfect choice for the superhero – she looks smart, powerful, gorgeous and handles the comic parts effortlessly. Pine is another winner as charismatic Steve who is her partner in crime for much of the movie and is less of a supporting character than a co-lead tbh. There are a number of supporting actors who deserves shout outs including Ewen Bremner and Lucy Davis, who brought the laughs, and Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen, who rocked the action scenes in the beginning.

The structure was straight forward (which is a relief after Batman V Superman) and the plot moves along at a pretty decent pace and the character introductions are easy to follow and not too lengthy although the exposition and explanation of their mythology is very hard to take in all at once. Diana’s naivety about men makes for some awesome sexual innuendo that were hilarious – in fact, I laughed out loud a few times, which is a new experience for me with DC movies.

Sure, the CGI helped create some beautiful landscapes, such as their home island, and create some epic fight sequences, with my favourites including the beach battle, a defiant walk across No Man’s Land and the subsequent take down in an occupied village. However, I don’t like too many effects and there were some moments in fights when the characters didn’t even look like people any more and the slo-mo was overdone so it became less effective. The effects were never more apparent than in the end battle which essentially a CGI fest. It could have possibly got away with it if I cared about the scene, but it involved a baddie that was revealed so late in the game that I never understood its motives.

A couple of other nitpicky things – Diana’s naivety was funny for a while but her self-righteousness about saving everybody and stopping the war got a bit repetitive so I hope she gets more to do on the personality front next time (although her message of love and hope was quite refreshing). Also, given that she’s the superhero, it seems unfair to me that Pine is given so much screen time and the most touching heroic moment.

So it isn’t perfect but it’s still miles better than previous DC outings. It felt refreshing, fun, was so enjoyable and looked gorgeous. Well done Patty Jenkins.

In cinemas from Thursday 1st June



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