Top Twin Peaks (2017) moments so far

Yes, the new Twin Peaks is totally weird and batshit crazy and I struggled to concentrate and take it all in. Most conversations I have had with people in the past week have been about the WTF moments and trying to figure out what it all means, and I don’t want that to overshadow some of the good stuff. So I want to take a moment to appreciate some of the brilliant nuggets we’ve seen so far.

Here we go:

– The return of The Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson), who had a short but very important scene in which she delivered a message from her log to Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse), telling him that his heritage was the key to finding out what happened to Agent Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan). She said “something was missing” so they reopen the Laura Palmer case. Coulson, who died in 2015, was visibly ill, with little hair and a breathing tube and in an interview, Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs) revealed she was “on her last legs” filming her scene.

– Good Cooper, who seems to be under a spell of some kind following his exit from the Black Lodge, seems to come to after sipping on some coffee. The thumbs up was a nice touch too. Shame people currently think he’s Dougie, ANOTHER Cooper doppelganger (yes, all very confusing).

– Bobby becoming a member of the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department. I think it’s a nice full circle moment that after all his crimes as a teenager he decided to come part of law enforcement. The moment when he came into the meeting room and saw Laura’s picture and got upset was the most down-to-earth and human part of the show so far and we got to hear the classic score for the first time. He also gave us vital info – Cooper was the last to see his dad alive

– Garland Briggs may be dead in the show (which probably wouldn’t have been the case if Don Davis was still with us) but he still manages to make an appearance in the form of a floating head in space which says “Blue Rose”, a direct reference to the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, when Blue Rose is code for a special kind of FBI case, rumoured to be supernatural.

– This leads me on nicely onto Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and Albert Rosenfield (the late Miguel Ferrer) who go to visit Evil Cooper in prison. Cooper pretends he’s been undercover but they don’t buy it. I love the conversation afterwards when Gordon says: “I hate to admit this, but I don’t understand the situation at all.” Perfectly sums up the show so far, tbh. They both mention Blue Rose again so I reckon this is important.

-In episode five, Dr Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) makes a video which the people of Twin Peaks can tune into. He gives a ranting and raving speech which ends up being a massive advert for his golden shovels, which will help people get themselves out of “shit”. BIZARRE.

I will be updating this as and when I watch a new episode so stay tuned for (hopefully) more additions.


  1. Good choices! My highlights:
    – The introduction of Evil Cooper, with the smash cut to the headlights on the road, and the scary remix of American Woman, before he gets out of the car and starts kicking ass. There was a bit of talk beforehand about how TV has gotten more cinematic since the first series, and whether Lynch would have anything new to offer. This scene gives a pretty emphatic answer to that.
    – Good Cooper / Dougie / Mr Jackpots shouting “Hellllooooo-ohhhh-ohh” every time he played the slot machine. I’m now tempted to do the same every time I interact with any machine.
    – Michael Cera’s cameo as Wally Brando. Skirted the edge of being just too knowingly absurd, but still pretty unforgettable television.
    – The ending of the first double-episode, in the Bang Bang Bar, with the Chromatics playing, and some of the old characters hanging out. Really captured the melancholy feeling of the passage of time, and how it has affected this world.


    • Hannah Wales says:

      Thanks for such a thorough comment! I almost put the bang bang bar scene in my list and the “Hellooooo” moments were funny (but went on too long). Thought Michael Cera’s cameo was weird AF and I dislike all Evil Cooper scenes.


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