Can Rita Ora focus on her music career now please?

Today Rita Ora made her pop comeback with Your Song, her first track in two years, and I really like it. So I want to her to ditch all her other gigs and put full focus on her music career because I’m confident that she can become known as a legitimate popstar again, IF the rest of her album is as good as the lead single.

Rita is a very famous person but probably known least of all for her music. Since releasing her only album (2012’s Ora) she’s become more of a TV personality and general clothes horse, always turning up to red carpet events wearing attention-grabbing clothes or judging people on The Voice, The X Factor or America’s Next Top Model. Though I imagine most people know her for her relationship with Calvin Harris or her role (which is essentially a cameo) in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies.

All of these things have got in the way of her music, and her break-up with Calvin Harris quite literally put a hold on her second album, which they worked on together. I Will Never Let You Down (2014) was the lead single from that and the rest has never seen the light of day, because of him, and she had to start again, particularly as she got involved in legal action with her former label Roc Nation.

You would think after going so long being unable to release music, she would put her full focus on that but NO, she has already signed on to host ANOTHER U.S. talent show Boy Band. Why is she doing so much TV?! Focus on the music girl! I reckon her material will be good, like most of her other songs (excluding Poison and Body on Me), she just needs to drop all the extra stuff, concentrate on the music and reestablish herself a serious popstar. I reckon eventually she could bring it back and be known for her music.

UPDATE (28/9/17) – Rita has now signed up to host this year’s MTV EMAs and she hasn’t released a follow-up to Your Song. She clearly isn’t listening to my advice.

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