Colossal: Film Review 

Colossal had one of the most bizarre concepts I have heard in recent months so obviously I had to check it out – and it was definitely worth the cinema trip.

Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, who is an alcoholic and unemployed and has been dumped by her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens). She heads back to her hometown and holes up in her parents’ empty house and bumps into old school friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) who gives her a job in his bar. At the same time, Seoul hits the news headlines when a massive monster shows up, and Gloria discovers she is somehow connected to the beast.

I deliberately didn’t watch any trailers so I had no idea what was going to happen and it was much more grounded than I expected, given the storyline. It is listed as a comedy but I don’t think that’s accurate – it’s just a very surreal drama. It is very similar to other ‘people who retreat to their hometown’ dramas, just with added monsters!

Gloria has a lot of personal demons and I thought Hathaway did a very good job with the character. She is meant to be the lead but she is definitely outshone from about halfway through when Sudeikis is given way more to do. His character takes a dark turn and is not the nice guy he appeared to be so this made his arc far more captivating and his character more multidimensional than Hathaway’s.

I was sceptical about Colossal because it sounded a bit too weird but it totally works and is far less whimsical and comical than I expected. It actually got pretty twisted and dark which was a welcome change in tone cause I don’t know how they could have sustained the story otherwise. Definitely worth checking out!

In cinemas now 

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