I’m not surprised Scream Queens has been cancelled

Today it was announced that Scream Queens had been cancelled after two seasons. It had kinda been on the horizon for a while and Lea Michele had left to film a new comedy pilot so its prospects never looked good but I’m neither surprised or that disappointed that it’s been axed.

During season one I wrote about my love/hate relationship with the show but I still tuned for the second season, which I enjoyed very much although it was pretty obvious it should have been one season because it was shallow and contrived as hell. The premise was essentially the same but inside in a special hospital, where all the main characters like the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin), Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) managed to somehow work despite no qualifications (with the exception of Zayday).

It just felt like they were running out of ideas from the get go and tried to replicate the first season but it was difficult because it worked so well at a college and not so much at the hospital. The Red Devil was replaced with the Green Meanie and they kept bringing in new characters or patients simply so it would have someone to kill each episode without cutting into the main cast. This also meant that you didn’t care for the majority of the deaths.

I honestly don’t know what they would have done for a third season but I’m sure they would have found some contrived way to get the main guys (except Lea) back together in some setting where they would be killed or injured in a way that they shouldn’t be able to recover from! I get that it’s a horror comedy but there’s no way that could happen to them a third time!

That being said, I WILL miss some things.

I had no real love for Scream Queens and I wasn’t desperate to watch the next instalment every week but it was very entertaining and made me laugh a lot. Although the overall plot and story wasn’t there, the dialogue was sharp, witty, well-observed and littered with hilarious pop culture references and it was the best I have ever seen Emma, who I will actually miss as Chanel, who was fabulous, bitchy, so much fun and had the best line delivery ever.

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