Miss Sloane: Film Review

All hail Jessica Chastain, aka The Queen. She never fails to put in a fantastic performance and Miss Sloane is no exception. She nails it, just like everyone else in this taut and exciting political thriller.

She is Elizabeth Sloane, a cold, straight-talking no-nonsense lobbyist working in Washington, D.C. who is determined to win no matter what the cost and what ethical lines are crossed. She is asked to work for a pro-gun group to help them boast the female pro-gun vote but instead, she quits her company and goes to work for one on the other side of the legislation, the anti-gun lobbyists, putting her in direct opposition with her old co-workers.

That is the main thread here but there is so many sub-plots and extra layers to Sloane that pad out the movie – she takes some form of drugs, she pays an escort named Ford (Jake Lacy) for sex and will throw her colleagues under the bus without hesitation. She doesn’t particularly care for anyone, is always focussed on work, and being ten steps ahead of the competition. It wouldn’t surprise me if this part was written for a man and it just shows how characters are perceived depending on gender. Sloane seems like a cold-hearted bitch, but if it were a man, most people would probably think he was just getting the job done. It was refreshing to see such a truly deep, complicated, unlikable female character and Chastain did a fantastic job playing her – I see why she got a Golden Globe nomination.

The film is very intense and requires a lot of concentration. It is dense and dialogue-heavy and you will come out reeling, wondering if you understood everything. The political, legislative jargon was hard to follow at first but once it gets into the proper gun lobby stuff, it becomes easy enough. It just floors me how dirty politics is and how the outcome isn’t dependent on what is right for the people but money, persuasion, and being able to stay in office. It actually made me pretty angry.

There were a couple of times when this slowed down and I felt it was a bit too long but them BAM! Another bombshell would drop and you would forget all about that. It was clearly just a moment of rest before the pace ramps up again. It is very pacy, very much like Sloane’s go-go-go attitude and there are so many bombshells, twists and turns that genuinely made me gasp and put my hand to my mouth. It was that dramatic! As you can tell, I was very engaged and engrossed by her story.

The ending is explosive and even though she’s a bad person, I still wanted Sloane to come out on top or at least go out with a bang. The ending did leave me wondering if a person could be that calculating and have that much foresight. I doubt it but let’s ignore that small criticism because the rest of Miss Sloane is fantastic. I almost want to see it again to make sure I took it all in.

In cinemas Friday 12th May 

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