Unlocked: Film Review

Noomi Rapace is a brilliant actress who can handle emotional, character-driven stuff as well as kick-ass action sequences so it is a shame she isn’t given more great roles. Unlocked is a step in the right direction but she still deserves more.

She stars as Alice, a CIA agent who hasn’t been operational following a terror attack in Paris years earlier. However, she is brought back in by the London unit to help prevent a possible biological attack – but all is not what it seems.

It would be unfair to say more and give away any of the twists and turns as a big one happens early on, but to be honest, I probably couldn’t give you an accurate summary of the whole plot anyway as I am not sure I followed it. There is a lot of double-crossing, duplicitous behaviour, characters and twists, some which I saw coming, others which I was totally blindsided by. Afterwards, you spend the next few minutes trying to rationalise it and figure out what it means and how that changes what has come before.

Rapace is badass and very believable as someone who could go up against a few men and emerge victorious. She nails the psychical stuff. Orlando Bloom is best known for playing good-looking people so it was refreshing to see him playing a low life who gets caught up in her case. He isn’t that hot, not that likeable, but he is certainly pretty funny, Toni Collette is fab as the head of a CIA unit, John Malkovich is funny cos he’s too serious and Michael Douglas is his usual self.

The film is best enjoyed if you switch your brain off and enjoy the action because I’m pretty confident the plot twists will not hold up if inspected too closely. I couldn’t follow it or really understand the motives behind the crimes but it is still fun, exciting, surprising and just an enjoyable action movie.

In cinemas Friday 5th May

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