I don’t want a Big Little Lies season two

Big Little Lies, which ended in the U.S. aaaages ago, finally got its finale in the U.K. this week and I LOVED it. I enjoyed the whole show and I was sad that we wouldn’t be getting more episodes but upon further reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want there to be a season two.

The show was left quite open-ended, like it could be continued or not, with somebody (most like the police) spying on the group of mothers – played by Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern – after they covered up Bonnie (Kravitz) pushing Perry (Alexander Skarsgaard) down some stairs and to his death.

Reese, who served producer, told E! News earlier this week that she had a discussion with Nicole, another producer, and the book’s author Liane Moriaty about possible ways to continue the characters’ stories and Liane is working on some ideas.

On the other hand, the show’s director Jean-Marc Vallee told The Hollywood Reporter he doesn’t like the idea and thinks the miniseries should stand alone.

I have to side with the director here. I loved those characters, I loved the acting (these actresses needs all the Emmys!), I loved Reese, who was the best ever, and I loved the story – probably on a deeper level too because I read the book first. It’s just that the whole conceit of the story was the whodunnit and their lives leading up to the accident/murder. I just don’t see what direction it would go in afterwards and I don’t really like the idea of a whole series being dedicated to them being investigated.

The series was a critical and commercial success so I get why the producers want more. It’s simply business. But I’m always of the opinion that something that good should be treated with care and cherished and I don’t want them to rush out a season two for the sake of it and it sucks, goes nowhere and ruins the show’s reputation (a la True Detective).

If they took their time and found an incredible, logical and powerful story that will serve all the characters well then I will be down. But sadly, I just don’t think season one can be topped. There’s no way a follow-up could get the perfect combination of story, cast, and director again and the expectations will be so higher next time. Sometimes it’s best to enjoy something for what it is and leave it be!

PS: if there is a season two, I want the following to be addressed – 1) more on Jane (Woodley) and Saxon Banks/Perry 2) more on Celeste’s (Kidman) life after Perry 3) more on Bonnie in general and 4) Madeline telling Ed about her affair.


  1. […] Secondly, the first season was based on Jay Asher’s novel so the second season is going off book. Which is good in that it can go anywhere it wants but it also worries me that the story may not be as strong as there is no source material to guide it (I recently said the same about Big Little Lies). […]


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