Raw: Film Review

The headlines about Raw have been misleading. I was almost put off watching it after reading people threw up watching it at film festivals and I imagine this is the case for a lot of people. But I decided to take a chance and I’m so glad I did because I really enjoying it.

Justine (Garance Marillier), who is vegetarian, is put through a series of tough initiation challenges when she starts veterinary school. One of those challenges including eating raw rabbit kidney, which she eats after much protest and pressure from her sister Alex (Ella Rumpf), who is an old vet student. Soon after, Justine begins to develop a hunger for the flesh.

This sounds like a horror movie and the headlines surrounding Raw would also lead people to believe it is a full-on horror but Raw isn’t at all. Sure, it has some disgusting, extremely gory moments, but it is within an interesting and unusual coming of age story. It isn’t scary (but it might make you wince) and horror fans would be disappointed – it is a drama with some body horror thrown in, as well as some unexpected but very welcome laughs.

I hate how Raw has been reduced to the cannibalism stuff. Yeah, that’s the unique angle, but it’s not all this movie is about. It has way more going for it than that and I don’t want people to be put off by what they’ve read. It is a fascinating, thrilling and horrifying story with brilliant lead performances. Give it a chance!

In cinemas now 

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