Was this week’s Girls episode the best ever?

I usually write TV pieces when I’m annoyed, disappointed or have a bunch of criticisms so I thought it would make a nice change to write a gushing one full of praise. And I’m not just doing it for the sake of it – this week’s episode of Girls was excellent.

If you have been following my Girls articles, you will know that I didn’t love seasons two and three and almost quit the show but I became glad I stuck with it last season, which was the best. Until now. I’ve already established that the current season six has outdone everything that has come before and I wrote a list post about why last week (read here).

Anyway, back to THAT episode. It was the most emotionally connected I have been with the show in a long time and the acting and writing was top notch.There were a couple of scenes that I repeated because I was blown away by how damn good they were.

First off, we have Adam (Adam Driver) who decides he wants to help Hannah (Lena Dunham) raise her baby and she’s shocked when he tells her while she’s shopping. Moments later, they are having sex and throughout that day, they make plans to move in together, buy baby stuff and get married. Like, we all rooted for them to get back together but this is going way too fast and too perfectly. They realise this during a scene at a diner that was INCREDIBLE. The beauty of it was how raw the emotion was and how they literally said nothing. There was no dialogue, just Hannah crying, but that said everything. We knew what she was thinking.

The next is Jessa’s (Jemima Kirke‘s) storyline this episode. She seemed so chilled and unfazed when Adam said he was leaving her to go back to Hannah but we knew she couldn’t be. She cared. And that, again, wasn’t shown in dialogue but in a heartbreaking scene where she picks up a random guy in a bar and they hook up in the bathroom. The look on her face said it all – she was numb, vacant and trying to do anything to make herself feel better but it makes her worse and she ends up crying. Brutal stuff.

The series has been improving week on week which makes me extremely excited about the last two episodes – they’re gonna be epic!

P.S. I deliberately missed the Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Ray (Alex Karpovsky) stuff cos meh. I don’t give a shit about him digitising Hermie’s stuff. Harsh but true.


  1. […] that Adam Driver‘s last appearance was weeks ago! WTF! His last episode was strong as hell (I called it my favourite – but that was surpassed by Goodbye Tour), but damn, I wish I’d known that was his last […]


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