The Autopsy of Jane Doe: Film Review

I’m not a fan of horrors but the premise of The Autopsy of Jane Doe appealed to me and I’m glad I checked it out because it is an effective horror with a couple of successful jump scares and plenty of gore.

Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch are Austin and Tommy Tilden, who run a morgue and crematorium. One evening they are brought the body of an unknown woman, Jane Doe (Olwen Kelly), who was found partially buried under a house. As they begin their autopsy, they find more and more alarming and confusing issues with her body and they begin to fear something supernatural may be involved.

I found the autopsy scenes and their discovery of each finding so fascinating; seeing how an autopsy is conducted and what can be deduced from each discovery is just so interesting to me. It looked extremely realistic but didn’t gross me out too much cos I’d seen it before in one of the Saw movies.

This mostly relies on the anticipation of something happening through techniques such as the lights going out, the steel body container doors opening, sounds of bodies moving and the radio playing creepy songs. These were very effective – making me hide behind my jacket and brace myself for the scare. The morgue is also in the basement of their home meaning it feels very claustrophobic, especially when they can’t get out.

I wanted more to happen at the end and I felt a little disappointed by the anti-climactic resolution. It was clear to me what Jane Doe was ages before they realised it and it was unsatisfying how the horror was tied up.

In selected cinemas for one night only on Friday 31st March 

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