Free Fire: Film Review

Free Fire, one of my favourite films at the 60th London Film Festival, is an absolute gem. I didn’t stop laughing, smiling and thinking “this is awesome” throughout the entire movie.

Brie Larson and Armie Hammer are helping orchestrate an arms trade between two groups – Chris (Cillian Murphy), Stevo (Sam Riley), Frank (Michael Smiley) and co. are looking to buy rifles from Vernon (Sharlto Copley), Martin (Babou Ceesay) and their helper Harry (Jack Reynor). They meet in an abandoned warehouse in 1970s Massachusetts to make the deal but things don’t go to plan and soon all hell breaks loose.

Ben Wheatley has made such a unique film – a shoot ’em up that takes place in that warehouse in real time throughout the slick 90 minutes run time. The mix of violence, action and comedy is spot-on – bullets fly, blood spills, things blow up but there’s always time for a cheeky quip.

It’s such a riot and one vastly entertaining watch. Copley gets a lot of the laughs cos everything he says is gold but everyone gets a stab at comedy and I was surprised by how funny Hammer was as he’s best known for dramas. It is hilarious and it’s very clever how the action has been designed in a 360 degree environment. Although no character is fleshed out in a major way, it’s not necessary and this adds to the mystery of who double-crossed whom etc.

This is a delight to watch and I enjoyed it just as much upon second viewing. Highly recommend!

In cinemas Friday 31st March 


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