Daniel Day-Lewis films new Paul Thomas Anderson movie in London

I always seem to hear about filming taking place in London afterwards and I always kick myself because I love to go down and watch. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with the new Paul Thomas Anderson project (now titled Phantom Thread) as I saw on Twitter on Tuesday that they were filming and they were still there today. Here’s what I saw:

The film is set in the fashion world in 1950s London and stars a dressmaker who is commissioned to design costumes for the royal family and members of high society, so it makes sense for them to shoot on Fitzroy Square as it is beautiful and very old-fashioned.

In the square, I spotted an old red London bus filled with extras and two regular old school black cars on one side of the square (above) and two very shiny state cars with Belgian flags outside a fancy home (below). Two big bright lights were facing the house so I assumed they were just filming interiors and didn’t expect much – until the main man, Daniel Day-Lewis came out to film!

He only did a very short piece where he is dressed is a very smart three-piece suit and surrounded by a group of impeccably-dressed women. They chat on the pavement, with the parked cars in the background, and then walk into the house. The bus and the cars that had been on the other side of the square, plus a few extras, are in action during this time.

The project is very top secret and the staff handling the public weren’t allowed to disclose what it was. When I asked if it was the Paul Thomas Anderson project, the man couldn’t even confirm. However, given what I read on Twitter and who I saw in the flesh, I would say so! Apparently they could be filming there throughout the weekend too, so head on down!

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.


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