Five reasons why I’m loving this season of Girls

I haven’t been a consistent fan of Girls – in fact in season two and three I almost quit – but I stuck with it, and that finally paid off in season five, which I thought was the best so far. Season six has easily surpassed it for these reasons:

It has a clear purpose and sense of direction

I really didn’t enjoy the episodes that felt like they weren’t going anywhere or adding to anything and, at times, I felt like it didn’t know what to say. Now that we’ve reached the final season, the writers clearly know where it’s going and you can feel that. It is also clear in what it’s trying to say about women, feminism, the definition of consent, a woman’s right to choose etc. I’m really excited to find out the paths the characters will take in the end.

The script is incredible 

I have laughed out loud at this season way more than the earlier ones because the script is funny, brutally honest and keenly observed. There are scenes I literally replayed because I loved the dialogue so much. The most recent example of that was Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Marnie’s (Allison Williams) conversation about her having a baby. It felt realistic and it made me laugh because it was so shamelessly mean and honest.

There is less Shoshanna and Jessa 

A lot of people consider Marnie the most annoying but Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) for me is the worst. She really grinds my gears and I feel like the writers haven’t really known what to do with her recently. I don’t think she can even be considered main cast because she has barely had any screen time and certainly not had a decent storyline this season (besides episode two). She’s supposed to be one of the main four but she has been given less to do than Elijah (Andrew Rannells) and Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach).

I never understood Jessa (Jemima Kirke) but I did love the whole Adam (Adam Driver) drama last season, but now she’s become jealous and moany and ergh. Don’t want too much of that.

There is more Elijah 

Elijah has been getting more to do as the seasons progress and I love that he is Hannah’s best friend over the girls. He is my favourite character by far. He is funny, so bitchy, so straight-talking and I love how Rannells delivers every line and I mean, every single line. He cracks me up and generally provides light-hearted entertainment, which is why it’s more affecting when he’s being emotional and sincere. The only person I would happily have more of is Adam, but since his character is being quite moody and sulky, I’m actually good with how small his role is (Driver has Star Wars now anyway so who cares?)

The girls aren’t trying to pretend to be friends anymore

They were so mismatched all along and always seemed to piss each other off so I never understood why they remained friends so it’s good now that the show is acknowledging that. They have all been terrible friends to each other throughout and at some point, you have to just let go and that’s what is finally happening. This is good and realistic. Jessa and Hannah’s argument this week was basically the end of the friendship, nobody seems to see Shosh, so it’s only Hannah and Marnie left, and that’s not exactly solid.


  1. […] If you have been following my Girls articles, you will know that I didn’t love seasons two and three and almost quit the show but I became glad I stuck with it last season, which was the best. Until now. I’ve already established that the current season six has outdone everything that has come before and I wrote a list post about why last week (read here). […]


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