What happened to The Walking Dead’s CGI budget?

Bad CGI in TV shows in no longer acceptable – and viewers of The Walking Dead made that clear last week when we saw the embarrassingly bad CGI deer (above) that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tried to kill in a fairground. It didn’t get much better in the most recent episode, so what is going on?

When viewers saw the CGI deer they took to Twitter in their droves, joking that producers had wasted all their CGI budget on Ezekiel’s pet tiger Shiva, which admittedly looked pretty good and convincing in earlier episodes. But on Sunday night’s episode Bury Me Here, even the tiger didn’t look quite right! The body of it looked fine but it didn’t look like it was actually resting on the veranda – it appeared to be floating above it ever so slightly.

Obviously, following deergate, I was always going to cast more of a critical eye but I could have sworn some of Carol’s (Melissa McBride‘s) zombie kills at the beginning of the episode were sketchy and I felt disappointed because the zombie stuff needs to be believable – I can deal with brief appearances of badly CG creatures but kills are an important part of the show and I thought they were done with practical effects.

I’ve always been of the belief that practical effects are better and I cannot stand poor CGI, especially in this day and age. The budgets for TV are much bigger these days as their scale and scope are like films so I don’t get why The Walking Dead had pretty good, aka passable CGI, in the past but now it hasn’t. Surely it should be getting better not worse? Let’s hope when the battle with the Saviours comes (which better be soon!) it won’t be ruined by poor effects.

Watch the deer in action here:

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