Nashville can’t go on without Connie Britton

I’ve been so behind watching Nashville this season so when I saw all the spoilers about Rayna James’ death, I was shocked. I was only five episodes behind! How could this happen? Well I’ve whizzed through those to catch up and I cannot believe what’s happened.

I doubt you need a episode summary, but to quickly recap: Rayna (Connie Britton) was travelling home in a police car on the phone to Deacon (Charles Esten) when, out of nowhere, she was hit by a truck. She seemed to be recovering in hospital but then her organs failed and we last saw her dying, Deacon and Matty and Daphne (Lennon and Maisy Stella) crying over her.

To be honest, I wasn’t THAT shocked that Connie wanted to leave because when it was cancelled by ABC she seemed sad but relieved about it so when it was picked up by CMT she clearly had a tough decision on her hands. I’m glad she stayed for ten episodes and gave Rayna and Deacon time to enjoy their marriage, write their new album and to give Rayna a proper end, rather than just deciding not to come back. However, I’m gutted it happened so quickly and she was injured and died within the space of one and a bit episodes. I’m also annoyed that it had to be another car accident – we’ve done that already. Sounds grim but I would have rather she was hurt by the stalker because that threat had been brewing for a while whereas the accident came out of nowhere.

It’s also surprising that it happened within the series – not a finale or a mid-season finale – and it was done without prior hype. It was a serious shock and I kinda wish it hadn’t been spoiled for me so obviously online.

It was brutal. I have not cried so hard watching a TV show in years and I cried more throughout the episode because I knew what was coming, because I thought everyone acted it so well and because the show will never be the same again.

I don’t see how they can go forward. Rayna is like the glue of the show. Yes, it is an ensemble piece but she is the lead by far. Sure, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) was originally co-lead but she hasn’t been that for some time. Rayna knew all the characters, had the most screen time and just held everything together.

Now I’m dreading the weeks of brutal, emotional, depressing episodes and watching Deacon coming to terms with it will be hard. I hope after the two upcoming episodes, there will be a time jump in the mid-season break. I know Juliette will make a comeback and there are interesting stories going on (the storylines have seriously improved with the CMT move) but I’m not that enthusiastic about watching it any more. I wasn’t bothered when it was cancelled and I’ve stuck with it (but with less enthusiasm, which is why I was behind), but now Rayna’s gone, I’m pretty OK with it being over.

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