Golden Exits: Berlinale Film Review


I choose to see Golden Exits simply because of the cast, with names including Chloe Sevigny, Adam Horowitz, Emily Browning, and Mary Louise Parker. All involved are great and the story is engrossing, but I just wanted more and I left feeling a bit disappointed….

Browning plays Naomi, a young Australian who has come to stay in New York for a while. She is hired as an assistant to Nick (Horowitz), helping him archive his late father in law’s “materials” in a very small office. His wife Alyssa (Sevigny) is convinced there is something going on between them but Naomi is far more interested in Buddy (Jason Schwartzman), who is married to Jess (Analeigh Tipton).

The premise is juicy and you may expect lots of drama but it’s actually more quiet, subtle and understated than that. It’s more about what’s brewing beneath the surface than things coming to a climax in spectacular fashion, which is really what I wanted. There are some great moments of drama but not as much as I had hoped and although the story played out in a satisfactory way, I felt disappointed simply I wanted more, more, more.

The cast are awesome though. Browning is frankly not in enough good movies – she is fantastic to watch and very natural on-screen – and I would like to see more of her. Parker was my second favourite as Alyssa’s sister who is bitchy, high maintenance and straight talking while I love Tipton in everything because she is adorable. I also liked Lily Rabe, Jess’ friend, and her rambling musings on life, and Schwartzmann was ace as ever.

So I liked the cast and story and the way it was shot but I didn’t really feel anything, I wasn’t super invested and it didn’t pack the punch I wanted. Underwhelming, but only slightly.

Seen as part of the Berlin International Film Festival. No cinema release information yet. 

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