Logan: Berlinale Film Review


I wasn’t that fussed about Logan in the beginning because I didn’t love his first instalment and I didn’t even bother watching The Wolverine but I’m glad I checked it out because it is brilliant and one of the strongest films in the X-Men franchise.

It is the near future, and Logan (Hugh Jackman) is an alcoholic, battered man working as a driver and living with mutant finder Caliban (Stephen Merchant) and Charles (Patrick Stewart) in the desert in some old factory. New mutants haven’t emerged for years, but changes when they came across Laura (Dafne Keen), who has the same abilities as Logan and is being tracked by agents lead by Boyd Holbrook. Logan and Charles take her on a road trip to North Dakota where there is apparently a safe haven for mutants.

I am so happy this has shunned the traditional 12A given to superhero movies of late (except Deadpool). It makes sense because the movie is grittier, more dramatic and more like a conventional chase film. I liked seeing Logan swear profusely, binge on the booze and get seriously violent. It was refreshing to see an old, haggard superhero who isn’t quite as invincible as he once was.

Most superhero movies try to be quite light and jokey and while this has some great humorous moments, it is pretty serious and dramatic but that’s because Logan has given up, he has contempt for his life and Charles has serious mental problems. I liked this tone though because it was fitting with the story, the characters and set it apart from the other superhero movies.

Jackman has always been great as Wolverine and this is no exception but he has competition on his hands from Keen, who is captivating and can kick ass with the best of them. She really comes into her own when she starts speaking 2/3 into the movie.

The only minor problems I had was the length, it felt a tad too long, the script felt a bit repetitive on occasion and the CGI on some of the fights seemed a bit cartoonish. These are minor niggles though – the story is strong, the cast were great, the film looked amazing and there is enough superhero stuff to keep fans happy. Definitely my favorite Wolverine movie and quite possibly my favourite X-Men.

In cinemas 3rd March

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