The Founder: Film Review


Everybody knows about McDonald’s but I doubt many know about the incredible true story surrounding its origins, which is what The Founder is all about.

Michael Keaton stars as Ray Kroc a salesman trying to flog anything to make a living. While selling a milkshake maker to McDonald’s, a locally run burger joint in San Bernardino in California, he discovers a business opportunity. He is amazed by their “speedee” service model – which we now know as fast food – and think it could be revolutionary so he makes a deal with brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald (John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman) to make their restaurant into a franchise.

The mark of a good movie is one that makes you feel something and this will make you feel loads. I was pissed off for a good two days after this. I don’t want to ruin what happens but Ray Kroc is such an arsehole and he made me so angry. At the beginning, you feel sorry for him and want him to become a successful businessman but then you wish you hadn’t. His story arc is still fascinating to watch but you’re horrified along the way.

Keaton puts in another great performance as do Offerman and Lynch but Laura Dern and Linda Cardellini are underused as his wives.

I love films that shed light on incredible true stories and this is no exception. You would think everyone would know this cos it’s McDonald’s yet we don’t! Remarkable.

In cinemas Friday 17th February 

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