Hidden Figures: Film Review


I had been wanting to see Hidden Figures for some time because it seemed like the type of inspiring true story that’s up my street and it annoyed me that there was such a big gap between US and UK releases. As I expected, it was worth the wait and I absolutely loved it.

Taraji P. Henson stars as Katherine Goble, a single mother of three who is friends with Mary (Janelle Monae) and Dorothy (Octavia Spencer). They all work as computers (before computers existed) at NASA making calculations that help the race for space in the 1960s. Katherine is the first African-American woman to work on the trajectories for putting a man into orbit, first with John Glen (Glen Powell), Dorothy learns how to program actual computers so her ladies won’t be out of a job, and Mary is on a mission to get her engineering degree, something which is limited to white males.

This tells one uplifting and inspirational story that will make you feel good and like you can do anything. This could have easily been a heavy, serious biopic and I’m glad it has a more light-hearted approach so it will have a broader appeal. It’s done very well at the US box office and it’s easy to see why. Sure, it is cheesy at times and I’m sure some events have been exaggerated for dramatic effect but I loved it all and would happily watch again.

Henson is very well known for playing this feisty Cookie in Empire so it’s nice to see she hasn’t been typecast and plays nerdy and bashful here. Monae needs more roles cos she is awesome, sassy and provides a lot of the laughs. Spencer is always amazing. I don’t believe she deserves a nomination over the others to be honest but I’m glad the film and screenplay are being recognised. There is a huge supporting cast as well which includes Kevin Costner, Jim Parsons and Kirsten Dunst.

I don’t have much more to say than go see it! It isn’t a hard going biopic – it is light and fun (with some hard hitting and serious moments) – and has a fantastic cast, music, costumes and inspiring message.

In cinemas Friday 17th February 

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