The LEGO Batman Movie: Film Review


After the success of The LEGO Movie it really wasn’t much of a surprise that they created a spin-off although I wasn’t all that fussed about it being centred around Batman. We have seen him a lot and I didn’t really know what else could be done with his story, but I was wrong and this film really works.

The plot is fairly simple – Batman (Will Arnett) works alone and loves the attention and glory but is scared of letting anyone in. When Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson) is appointed the new commissioner of Gotham City, she questions the effectiveness of Batman since he’s never been able to actually stop villains like The Joker (Zach Galifianakis). She suggests they work together, and along with his accidentally adopted kid Dick, aka Robin (Michael Cera), and his butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), Batman eventually comes to learn the value of teamwork and family.

I didn’t love the story; I thought it was weak and without consequence and I started to fall asleep about 45 minutes in because it wasn’t involving and I switched my brain off a bit too literally. I was in a screening full of kids and hardly any of them laughed and I think a lot of the jokes went over their heads and worked better with the adults cos I laughed way more than they did.

So I wasn’t thrilled with the arc of the thing but I loved so many of the details – the music (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight is perfect), the pop culture references, how self reverential it is about Batman films that have come before and the inclusion of so many DC characters (although I don’t think the non-DC characters worked). The script is smart and witty and made me chuckle constantly but that does dip away when it gets to the action and the sentimental family stuff. The voice cast were perfect and so many big names were involved like Mariah Carey, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

This is one enjoyable family film that looks amazing and should cater to kids and adults alike. It is a lot of fun and the best Batman outing since Nolan’s trilogy and DC’s best superhero movie so far. PS. Stick around for the credits.

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