20th Century Women: Film Review


All I knew about 20th Century Women was the award nominations Annette Bening and Greta Gerwig have been receiving so obviously I had to check it out. I definitely get the buzz around their performances and the film itself is an adorable gem.

It is the 1970s in Santa Barbara and Bening plays single mum Dorothea, who doesn’t feel like she’s enough for her son Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann) so she asks his good friend Julie (Elle Fanning) and her lodger Abbie (Gerwig) to help raise him too, while her live-in builder William (Billy Crudup) acts as a sounding board for all.

There isn’t really a plot here but it just so nice to watch. I ate it all up. It is sweet, fun and filled with different, complex characters that are very well written. Dorothea hasn’t had a man in years, she likes being by herself, Abbie teaches him about grunge music and feminism and Julie talks to him about sex, which is kinda teasing because she knows he wants to have sex with her.

It looks gorgeous and I loved the time setting. The performances are great all round but obviously Bening’s and Gerwig’s are a notch above. There are many enjoyable, hilarious moments but I’m glad it didn’t go on too long though cos it didn’t really go anywhere. A real treat – if you don’t come away glowing there’s something up with you.

In cinemas now 


  1. I agree with your sentiments. The point of the movie pivots on the question “dont you need a man to raise a man?”….the answer of course is NO. if more young men could be raised like lucky young Jamie, we’d have fewer wars and assaults against women.


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