Prevenge: Film Review


I had been meaning to see Prevenge at the London Film Festival but I missed it due to clashes so I’m glad I finally got to check it out at the BFI Southbank on Monday, followed by an interesting and funny Q&A with writer/director/actress Alice Lowe.

Lowe stars as Ruth, who is pregnant with the child of her late husband, who died in a climbing accident. She is convinced her baby is telling her to avenge his death so she tracks down all those involved in the accident and kills them.

Lowe was actually seven and half months pregnant when she shot this and she turned the script around to shoot it within just a few weeks so it’s very impressive how good it is. It is funny, very dark and grossly violent but all in a good way. We basically follow her going from person to person, interacting with them for a bit, and then popping them off. This are very effective in some instances such as DJ Dan’s (Tom Davis) and Len’s (Gemma Whelan) demises but it does feel a tad repetitive in others and you don’t become invested in those supporting stars because you know what’s gonna happen to them in the next 10-15 minutes.

I’m glad the film is only 88 minutes long because I probably would have tired of the idea if it was longer as a high concept piece like this is hard to sustain for a long time. Even still, it could have been tighter in some places and the writing sharper but I’m getting nitpicky now. I love Lowe’s sense of humour so Prevenge made me laugh out loud a lot and recoil in disgust often. Worth checking out.

In select cinemas Friday 10th February 

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