Tom Hiddleston needs to know when to shut up


GQ magazine

I must admit, I used to really like Tom Hiddleston. In fact, I had a rather large crush on him but that has fallen away bit by bit in the space of the last year because he’s just made himself look like a fool, time and time again. And every time he tries to make it better, he actually makes it worse. He needs to know when to shut up.

Obviously, he most notably went down in the public’s estimation around June when he was pictured kissing Taylor Swift very soon after she had split from Calvin Harris on a beach near her Rhode Island home in a set of pics that looked suspiciously set up. My shock about the whole thing was sufficiently covered here. More photo opportunities followed while at concerts, meeting their respective families, on holiday in Italy, at her Independence Day party – where he famously wore THAT “I Heart TS” top.


Anyway, he confirmed their relationship but they split up after, like, three months and it was never really spoke of again. This is until now – when Tom was asked about the relationship by GQ magazine for the cover interview (which you must read in full btw) and he gave this explanation for the tank top:

Does anybody truly believe that?! It’s so elaborate, embarrassing and lame. I laughed SO hard when I read it. He’s gone out of his way to give these pictures context but c’mon, you’re a celeb, you MUST know what wearing that top would look like? PLEEEEEASE.

He starts off quite well in the interview, giving pleasantries about their relationship, calling her amazing etc but the tank top issue is where he falls down. He “literally cannot stop talking about it”, says the reporter, and he’s protesting too much. It doesn’t make him look cool and like he cares far too much about this point.

This isn’t the first time Tom has done more harm than good by speaking too much. At the Golden Globes, he won an award and his acceptance speech was awkward, convoluted, uncomfortable and boring as hell which many deemed self-serving. It wasn’t great (check it) but what’s worse is that he apologised, saying “his words came out wrong”. He barely uses social media for personal stuff, so that’s quite a big deal.

I had thought the Golden Globes nomination might repair his public image a tad but it did not AT ALL, and I thought maybe this GQ cover and his upcoming promo for Kong: Skull Island would do the trick but definitely not. I genuinely want him to redeem himself and I hit my head against a wall when he does something which goes down the wrong way. I think he should draw a line under that interview and not discuss Taylor again, speak on things less in general, and while he’s at it, get a new publicist.


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