The Space Between Us: Film Review

Courtesy of STX Entertainment

I love a sci-fi and I love a teen romance story so The Space Between Us seemed like the perfect combination. I love Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino and think Asa Butterfield is very cute so it’s a shame this movie is a bit too sentimental and a massive cheese fest.

Butterfield stars as Gardner Elliott, a boy who was born on Mars after his astronaut mum went on a mission there while she was unknowingly pregnant. After 16 years on Mars, he is allowed to go to Earth but his body isn’t compatible with it and the gravity difference has a huge impact on his health. He is in love with Tulsa (Britt Robertson), who he met online, so he breaks out of quarantine to go find her and they go on a road trip to track down his father.

There are many things to like about this movie. I loved the initial concept of a child being born on Mars and the whole fish out of water stuff when he first comes to Earth. That is fascinating, exciting and I was keen to see how the story would develop. It just started going downhill with the romance, dwindling health and search for dad stuff. It became too sappy, cheesy and sweet and even the twists were sentimental and designed to make us feel more deeply but it was trying too hard so I wasn’t moved.

Oldman co-stars as the man behind the Mars mission who decides to cover up Gardner’s birth. He is usually a very good actor but here he really seemed to be overacting and just going waaaayyy over the top. You don’t have to shout all the time Gary! I loved Gugino as she was the emotional heart of the movie, this was the funniest I’ve ever seen Butterfield and the best I’ve seen Robertson.

The film looked gorgeous, had a fascinating concept and I loved that it is an original idea with no ties to books, comics etc. It just falls down due to a script which overdoes everything and contains seriously cheesy moments. I have a high tolerance to cheese in movies but even this tested how much I could withstand.

In cinemas Friday 10th February 

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