What I loved about Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance


In case you have been living in a hole, let me fill you in: Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show last night and she didn’t disappoint. I have been a fan of hers since the beginning but I haven’t loved her musical output so much in recent years and I was hoping she would eventually do something to come back on top and she has!! Her performance is definitely my favourite since Beyonce’s in 2013.

Here are my favourite things about the show:

1. She went solo – no performer has come out and done the full 13-minute slot on their own in quite a while – even Beyonce brought out Destiny’s Child. It is a huge amount of time and requires a lot of energy and Gaga fronted it all herself. I have to admit I had hoped Beyonce would show up for Telephone and I was a little disappointed that she didn’t.

2. She stuck to the hits – she could have tried to promote more music for Joanne but she didn’t – she knows her most-loved songs are from The Fame/Fame Monster and only threw in one from Joanne and one from Born This Way. I’m surprised she didn’t try to get in Perfect Illusion and completely ignored ARTPOP (don’t blame her). I would have liked a shorter A Million Reasons and a proper verse/chorus of Edge of Glory. I cannot describe how much I flipped when the opening bars of Just Dance started.

3. She didn’t make overt political statements – I know Donald Trump is shit and what he’s doing is awful but making everything about politics and about him is a bad idea. People still need to enjoy stuff. So I’m glad she didn’t use the platform to do that although her opening with This Land is Your Land and singing Born This Way said plenty.

4. The energy –  have no idea how she managed to sing and dance her way through that. She put on such a spectacle too – it was never boring. Unfortunately the jumping from the stadium roof was ruined in GIFs before I got to see it but I would have loved that more. Strong opening and strong end, lots of wire work, and amazing choreography.

5. Shows off how multi-talented she is – Yes her singing was inconsistent in places but she really managed to show it off when she sat down at the piano to perform A Million Reasons. She sounded fab! Her dancing was on point and she played both the piano and keytar. Amazing! Also mad props for her quick change skills.

Here’s the full video below:

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