Top Films for February


You know what time it is! It’s the start of February which means it’s time to look forward to the cinema releases this month brings! There are quite a few awards season favourites finally coming our way as well as some high-profile sequels, such as Fifty Shades Darker, which I have deliberately missed off (I’m not that bothered about seeing it).

Here are my top selections for the month:

20th Century Women

This is charming, adorable and just a pleasant watch. Annette Bening stars as a single mother in 1970s California who feels she isn’t enough for her son so she asks the women around her – her lodger (Greta Gerwig) and her son’s best friend (Elle Fanning) to help fill in the gaps. Such a gem. Released: 10th February


This a good quality movie but not one that could be considered enjoyable. It is intense and dialogue heavy but you can understand why it’s been Oscar nominated for Best Picture. Must be seen for the powerhouse performances by Viola Davis and Denzel Washington. Released: 10th February



The Lego Batman Movie

I loved The Lego Movie and I (generally) love Batman films so I hope this is going to be as awesome. Will Arnett voices Batman, who must learn the value of teamwork to help defeat The Joker (Zach Galifianakis). The insane voice cast also includes Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Mariah Carey. Released: 10th February

The Founder

We all know McDonald’s but how many of us know its origin story? It is incredible and unbelievable. Michael Keaton stars as down-on-his-luck salesman Ray Kroc, who finds the solution for his problem when he comes acros fast food joint McDonald’s in California and he eventually persuades the brothers (Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch) to let him franchise it across America – but then he totally screws them over. This made my blood boil! Released: 17th February



Hidden Figures

This is one inspirational and feel-good film that I absolutely loved. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae star as super smart women who work as computers (before computers existed) at NASA and were instrumental in its race for space in the 1960s. Brilliant. Released: 17th February


I saw Moonlight at the London Film Festival and you can read my review here. It is powerful stuff and I will be impressed if you can come away without being moved. It is a coming of age tale about a gay African-American told in three stages of his life with three different actors. Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris have received nominations for this and it is no wonder why. Released: 17th February

Patriots Day 

This is about the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 and it is thrilling and interesting as hell. I followed the story at the time but clearly not as well as I thought – it is fascinating, it is sensitive to the victims while being a blockbuster-style disaster movie. I was in tears by the end! Released: 23rd February

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