Gold: Film Review


I’m not the biggest Matthew McConaughey fan and Gold just sounded like the 2017 version of The Wolf of Wall Street so I didn’t really have high hopes. My expectations were all wrong – Gold is fascinating and funny at the same time.

McConaughey plays Kenny Wells, the son of a mining company boss down on his luck due to the economic downturn. Miraculously he manages to save the company by going on an expedition to Indonesia with geologist Michael (Edgar Ramirez) and finding an untapped gold mine. He is soon the talk of the town, worth millions and with share prices rocketing… Until it all comes crashing down.

Letting you know how it comes crashing down would be unfair because this twist is the saving grace of the entire movie – it revitalises the viewer and makes them invested and intrigued. I’m so glad it wasn’t spoiled in the promos I saw (I’ve seen it ruined since) and I didn’t read much about it beforehand because I imagine the twist works better the more clueless you are. There’s another nice one at the end too.

The film was entertaining enough before the twist but things were going too well for too long and you were waiting for something to happen and it took longer to get there than necessary. I was never bored, I enjoyed it all (except the slow-moving start) and it made me chuckle or smile often but it did feel a lot like Wolf in terms of the financial jargon, the success montages, the excess (not quite to Wolf levels) and the narration.

McConaughey pretty much plays himself in this or at least the character we generally see him play. He looked awful appearance-wise thanks to his huge weight gain, seriously chubby belly, balding hair and crooked teeth and he threw himself into it without vanity. I must admit though that I spent more time looking at him than thinking about the character, who isn’t particularly nice or relatable. My favourites were Ramirez and Bryce Dallas Howard, who is the heart of the movie as Kenny’s girlfriend Kay.

In cinemas Friday 3rd February


  1. Had a good time with this. Nice review.


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