Sing: Film Review

Film Title: Sing

Sing is the perfect combo of many things I love – pop music, The X Factor-style singing competition, Taron Egerton and animated movies – so it was pretty much a given I was gonna love it and I sure did!

Matthew McConaughey voices koala Buster Moon, who holds a singing competition to save his ailing theatre, which is haemorrhaging money. His assistant accidentally sends out the fliers around the whole city, advertising a $100,000 prize which they don’t actually have. He holds X Factor-style auditions to find acts, who will take part in a live talent show.

The voice cast for the finalists include Ash the porcupine (Scarlett Johansson), Johnny the gorilla (Egerton), Rosita and Gunter the pigs (Reese Witherspoon and Nick Kroll), Meena the elephant (Tori Kelly) and Mike the mouse (Seth McFarlane). All these guys can sing incredibly well but I was most surprised by Egerton, who was AMAZING!!!

Sing is filled with more than 60 pop songs ranging from older, like Elton John, to more recent (Nicki Minaj) that I’m sure will put a smile on anybody’s face and put them in the singing and dancing mood. It is very entertaining and funny, which makes up for the weak-ish plot, that falters a little once the incredible auditions are over.

This will certainly please children and get them pumped up while also teaching them about teamwork and doing what makes you happy.

In cinemas Friday 27th January 

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