Rising Star BAFTA Award: Who do I want to win?


Today the shortlist for the public-voted EE Rising Star BAFTA Award was unveiled and the five nominees were (L-R) Anya Taylor-Joy, Lucas Hedges, Ruth Negga, Tom Holland and Laia Costa. Like last year I’m not certain who to vote for, and I explain why below.

Firstly, for full disclosure I must admit I have not seen any films by Taylor-Joy and Costa and this sucks for me cos as a film journo, I would like to write from a place of full knowledge and generally every year I have seen at least SOMETHING by all nominees. Taylor-Joy has been in The Witch (a horror, so obvs didn’t see it), Morgan (couldn’t get screening access) and Split, which I will see very soon. Costa is best known for Victoria, which I didn’t see at the cinema but has been on my list for ages. It was shot in a single take and mostly improvised so I’m sure she is deserving of her place here.

If Holland made the list around the time of The Impossible I would have voted for him straight away because he really stood out. However his inclusion this year is bewildering because besides a Spider-Man cameo in Captain America: Civil War he wasn’t in much last year. I still reckon he will win it because he has a huge fanbase and I do think he’s a good actor – I just think Hedges and Negga are better right now.

I’m torn between those two. Negga’s performance in Loving and Hedges’ in Manchester by the Sea are both fantastic. Negga has already been recognised by the Golden Globes for her acting though and will likely get nominations at the main BAFTAs and Oscars. Like Brie Larson on the Rising Star list last year – does she need it when she has the main awards going for her? Hedges hasn’t been recognised except on newcomer lists and he deserves it.

I’m gonna sleep on it before I vote here. Any help would be appreciated!

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